EFH12W - Filter for Electrolux, AEG, Philips and Zanussi

EFH12W - Filter for Electrolux, AEG, Philips and Zanussi


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EFH12W - Washable class 12 HEPA filter for AEG, Electrolux, Philips and Zanussi vacuum cleaners Read more


Delivery date: Tuesday 5.12.2023

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Washable HEPA filter class 12 for AEG, Electrolux, Philips and Zanussi vacuum cleaners  from an alternative manufacturer, it is designed to maintain the best level of filtration of your vacuum cleaner and thus provide you with a healthier home. It captures even the smallest particles, such as pollen, mold spores, mite feces and allergens.

To ensure optimal performance of the vacuum cleaner, we recommend washing the filter whenever you notice that it is visibly clogged. Wash the filter under running water and let it dry thoroughly before reinserting it. 

Filter dimensions:

size of the upper frame width:120 mm length:150 mm

dimension of the lower frame width:110 mm length:138 mm depth:22 mm


It is designed for most ELECTROLUX vacuum cleaners: Accelerator, AirMax/GREEN, Bolido, Clario, Classic Silence, Cyclone Power, CycloneXL, Ergobox, ErgoSpace/GREEN, Essensio, Excellio, JetMaxx/GREEN, Maximus, Oxygen+, Oxygen, Smartvac & Powersystem, SuperCyclone , Twin Clean, UltraActive/GREEN, UltraOne/GREEN, UltraSilencer/GREEN, Viva Control, Viva Quickstop.

Electrolux Accelerator ZAC 6705...6790 ZAC 6805...6858 AirMax ZAM 6100...6116 ZAM 6210...6290 ZAMG6200 Bolido Z 4500...4595 Clario Z 1900..2095 Z 7510...7549 Cyclone Power Z 5805 ...5836 Cyclone XL ZCX 6200...6499 Ergospace XXL.. XXLBox...XXL ZE 2200..2299 ZE310...361 ZEG 300,301,320 Ergospace: XXL TT 11, 12, 14 Excellio Z 5000...5295 JetMaxx ZJM 6800...6899 ZJM 68FD1...9 ZJG 6800...6899 Maximus ZXM 7010...7035 Powersytem Z 1710...1750 & Smartvac Oxygen Z 5500...5695 Z 5900...5995 Oxygen+ Z 7320 ...7399 TwinClean Z8200...8280 UltraActive ZUA 3810...3860 ZUAG 3800,3801 UltraOne Z8800...8899 ZG 8800, Z 90 UltraSilencer Z 3300...3395 ZUS 3326...3396 ZUS 3920... 3990 ZUSG3000, 3900...3990 Viva Control ZV 1010...1050 VivaQuickstop ZVQ 2100..2105

PHILIPS Universe FC 9000 - FC9049 Jewel FC 9050 - FC 9079 Studio FC 9080 - FC 9099 Specialist FC 9100 - FC 9149 Performer FC 9150 - FC 9189 Autoclean FC 9220 - FC 9240 Ergofit FC 9250 - FC 9269 Marathon FC 9200 - FC 9218 SilentStar FC 9300 - FC 9309

AEG Accelerator AAC6710...6758 AAC6810...6858 AirMax AAM6200 ÚKO AAM6100...6160 AAM 6216... 6324 AAM 7124 Clario AEC 7570...7572 Cyclone XL ACX6200...6499 Ergospace AE305SC AES340, 355 AESG300 JetMaxx AJM 6800 ...6899 Maximus AMX7010...7035 Oxygen+ AO 7320,7335 AO 7350 QS Elégance AVQ 2220..2250 System Pro P1...P999 TwinClean ATC 8210...8280 UltraActive AUA 3820...3860 AUAG 3800,3801 UltaOne AEL 8800...8899 AEL90,AG 8800 UltraSilencer AUS 3900...3999 AUS4030...4090 AUSG 3900,3901 AUSÔ3000 Viva Control AVC 1110...1190 AVC 1220... 1230 Viva Quickstop AVQ 2100..2190

TORNADO Accelerator TO 6720...6726 AirMax TO 6410...6543 Bolido 1500...1750 T0 4510...4535 Calypso TO 6510...6530 Elégance TO 6600...6630 Essensio TO 4600...4699 JetMaxx TO 6800 ...6899 TO 68FD1 ...9 Perfecto TO 7010,7020 Spiral TO 6200...6271 Super Pro TO 30...50,55

VOLTA AirMax U 6400 ..6499 Bolido U 4500...4595 Control U 4610...4640 Cyclone XL U 6600...6699 Gemini U 2810...2990 JetMaxx U 6800...6899, U68FD1...9 Maximus U 7500...7599 Quickstop U 4410...4461

Contents of the package: pcs

The filter is from a certified manufacturer of components for vacuum cleaners and is a full replacement for the original product.

EFH12W - Filter for Electrolux, AEG, Philips and Zanussi
EFH12W - Filter for Electrolux, AEG, Philips and Zanussi

27,90 €


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